My love for local food led me into gardening. From this garden I harvest foods that keep me healthy and have kept me away from the hospital for a long time. Such is the testimony   of Rv Mika Lukwago Mugavu who officially opened the 2018 Vegetable Festival at Kisowera Primary School.
A plate of local food here in Uganda is made up of about five different types of food and is   incomplete without “enva’endiirwa” ,known as indigenous vegetables, which is worryingly the least of the daily diets.
Slow food Uganda took to the mission of involving community in the need to revive traditional vegetables and also teaching them how to enjoy them and also maintain them.
The eventful day had students debate over the motion why traditional foods are better than foreign foods, cooking and tasting of various vegetables and loads of information that was shared about the importance of vegetables and the availability of market for them.
Set up for the debate on the motion of traditional food vs foreign food.
Some of the members of the young farmers club from different schools participated in the vegetable festival from different schools.


Edie Mukiibi the Vice President of Slow Food awarding students for their participation.


Some of the final vegetable dishes that were prepared at the festival.


Students preparing the different Vegetables during the cooking contest