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SLOW FOOD ANNUAL COFFEE FESTIVAL 2017 Uganda Coffee; from  Tree to  Cup


Uganda is the second largest coffee producer in Africa and home to coffee Arabica. Coffee has a substantial role in many households’ economic income as about 3, 5 million[1] Ugandans are involved directly or indirectly in growing this crop. However the production is high, Ugandan national consumption is low and most of the production is meant for export only. Unfortunately, Ugandan coffee is not globally as recognized as coffees from other regionally located African countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia or Rwanda (ranked the second best coffee in the wold 2016). Reason for this can be found in a lack of interest in drinking coffee among the population and lacking of familiarity with a good quality final product. Secondly, strong focus on the quantity rather than quality also leads the Ugandan coffee producers to aim for higher production volumes in order to get more financial income from the sale. Due to this reason, some producers already started planting new coffee varieties that promise higher yields than the traditional ones. In last years, the Ugandan government together with a number of coffee stakeholders have been working on enhancement of coffee processing quality and the agronomist practices, but there is still a room for improvement.

The Slow Food Annual Coffee Festival 2017 wants to be promoted under the theme of Uganda Coffee; from Tree to Cup which symbolizes the whole value chain of the coffee. The aim of the festival is to hold number of practical workshops both for producers and the consumers that will help to increase knowledge in coffee quality over the whole chain but also to promote coffee as an important social and cultural aspect.


Slow Food’s international approach is based on a concept of food that is defined by three interconnected principles: good, clean and fair. These three principles will be promoted through the festival’s theme Uganda Coffee; From Tree to Cup. Presenting different stages of the coffee value chain such as agronomist practices, harvesting, processing, roasting, brewing and consuming with an emphasize put as well on social and cultural aspects as on good, clean and fair practices.

The festival should gather diverse number of coffee stakeholders and public that will have an unique opportunity to meet at a such an event. Every participant should have an unique experience from the festival, feel that had a chance to learn and experience something new and meet new stakeholders that would give her/him a base for creativity.

The venue should be left with a minimum of waste as the Slow Food Uganda in partnership with ECOaction! Will put emphasize on creating as little packaging as possible and all participants and guests will be informed about the need of leaving the venue in similar conditions as at the beginning of the event.

 Festival Activities

Exhibition Area

Taste, learn and discover the world of good coffee. From agricultural practices to taste workshops including many events dedicated to the art of value addition, educational activities for children and families, discussion, shopping and much more besides.


Panel discussions led by entrepreneurs, practical farmers, middlemen and baristas that address the theme “Uganda coffee: From a Tree to a Cup”. There will be a limited number of seats that will be installed for the delegates.

Coffee Houses

An area for sustainable coffee campaign for promoting the value of good coffee. This is where brewing, tasting of Uganda’s known, and little known coffee varieties is set!

Biodiversity Tent

An area displaying products from the online catalogue of traditional foods at risk of extinction. In Uganda, the Ark already contains 30 products. There will be even new nomination of products that are fit for the Ark.

Childrens’ Corner

Space dedicated to children to have fun while learning all sorts of innovative activities. Art and craft, face painting and all kinds of plays from coffee used materials.

Slow Food Uganda Pavilion

Know everything about Slow Food Uganda, our projects and initiatives, our network country wide, far and close to you. You will be able to register and become a member of Slow Food.

The Delegate and Exhibitor Help Desk is located on your right at the entrance. The staff at the desk provides support and help for all delegates and exhibitors on any logistic issues and demands.

Some examples and concerns including but not limited to your: 

  • Exhibition space
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Meals

Should you wish to modify or make any changes from any of the pre-arrangements organized by the Slow Food Uganda? It is very important to communicate with the staff at the help desk.

Date and Venue: 18 February 2017 at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Old playground, Mukono-Uganda

 Contact Person: John Wanyu (tel.:+256 778 628 671, e-mail: j.wanyu@slowfood.it/info@slowfooduganda.org)

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18th Feb 2017


[/cmsms_tab][cmsms_tab title=”Venue”]Uganda Christian University (UCU) old playground, Mukono[/cmsms_tab][/cmsms_tabs][cmsms_divider width=”long” height=”1″ style=”solid” position=”center” margin_top=”50″ margin_bottom=”50″ animation_delay=”0″][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row]