A big move for the Luwero Kisansa Coffee: It got on Wednesday 7th June its first packaging branded to its name « Luwero Kisansa Coffee ».

Everything began during the Slow Food Uganda Coffee festival in February when Slow Food Uganda Team met Bocana Tonny Ocana, winner of UCDA National Cup Taster’s Championship-2017, team leader of Quality Assurance Ltd and roaster. In the end of April, Slow Food Uganda invited him for a meeting with the producers that he can understand the Luwero Kisansa Coffee presidium and also to meet the farmers. After getting excited about what he was seeing, Tonny proposed to the producers to visit his factory in Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo.

So, two weeks ago, producers paid a visit to the factory with 25kg of coffee green beans to process it until it is ready to be marketed. So, this included different stages such as sorting, roasting, grinding, labeling and packing. Before this training and getting the final product, it took two weeks in order to make all the stages. Slow Food Uganda also made a label during these two weeks. Following the Slow Food philosophy, this label is narrative, it means giving lot of information about the Kisansa variety, the way the coffee has been grown and processed and some information about the presidium.

It is only on the 7th June that the work was concluded with the packing of 22

packs of 250g of coffee beans and 42 packs of 250g of ground coffee. Now it is the time to find markets for the coffee before producing more packed coffee. This is beginning with immediate effect by the enthusiastic volunteers who will be moving to the supermarkets and hostels of the different cities of the country.

This new chain is very promising whereby the farmers master the whole chain from the seed to the distribution. And this would have a good impact on their income. In fact when they used to sell 1kg of green beans at 5 000 UGX, they could sell 1kg of roasted beans at 20 000 UGX.

Ugandan Coffee, Drink it to Save it”.