From Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018, Slow Food raises its voice to fight climate change and save the planet! We are calling upon our global network and asking everyone to think more deeply and make changes, even small ones, to the habits that continue to have a drastic impact on the planet. From September to December, let’s all commit ourselves to cultivate climate-friendly solutions! The revolution has to be joyful! The revolution has to be tasty! The revolution is Food.
Food for Change is Slow Food’s international campaign for a climate friendly future.
Climate change is the subject of one of the motions passed by the Slow Food International
Congress in Chengdu in September 2017. These motions serve as the pillars of the association’s
present and future commitments.
When: September 24–December 31, 2018
By working together and uniting the efforts of our network, we can raise awareness about the
impact of everyday choices on our planet. We can raise funds to finance the international
network and make it possible to run more biodiversity-protection projects in local areas. We can
also reduce our carbon footprint and make a real impact on the climate.
Thank you for your commitment and the crucial role you are playing in the global revolution!
Campaign Kick-off
September 24
On the last day of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, we officially launched the Food for Change
campaign and we invite individuals to make a commitment for the climate by signing up for the
Food for Change Challenge on
How can you help?
Ø Sign up to the challenge and invite your network
Ø Share it on social media and your local group’s sites
Ø If you know any public figures, involve them as ambassadors
Ø Send collected contacts to Slow Food headquarters
Food for Change Week
October 16–22
Choose an action (meatless week, eat local week, or zero waste) and commit to following it for
the whole week, sharing your experience—with photos, videos and stories—on your social
media channels with #FoodForChange.
Together with Indaco, a University of Siena startup, Slow Food will be measuring the results. We
will calculate the level of emissions saved in one week by following a more sustainable diet.
International Thank a Farmer Month
November 1-30
A month focused on celebrating the unsung heroes who restore our climate — those who work
the land. Slow Food will share profiles of farmers and laborers across the world. Who can you
recognize in your own community?
This is a chance to celebrate the producers with whom we work every day, to remind ourselves
of their role and to thank them but also to involve your own local network, to get together, to
organize a visit and to gather resources.
There are many options: organizing a dinner, a film screening or a farm visit, for example.
Breakfast at the farmers’ market
Organize a breakfast for the producers at your nearest farmers’ market. It will be a great way to
spend time together and to thank them for their hard work!
Lunches, dinners, disco soups…
Picnics, eat-ins, lunches or dinners organized in schools, restaurants, homes, farms or public
spaces mean you can share the pleasure of good, clean and fair food with a wider public. By
inviting producers, participants can learn more about local food. These occasions also help
remind us that food is pleasure, culture and conviviality.
Farm visits
Visiting local farms to meet farmers offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen the links
between producers and consumers. The result is a direct educational experience, where people
can discover new products and learn from the producers.
Taste education activities
Taste education activities can have different formats and can be organized for many different
groups: children or adults, teachers or farmers, members or supporters. These activities can
include initiatives in school gardens, guided tastings with the participation of a local producer,
generational exchanges and workshops. Always remember to get your local food producers
Start a special prize
You could choose to recognize a group of local producers for their commitment to protecting
biodiversity. Organize an event, share their story and involve as many people as possible.
Support Slow Food
Giving Tuesday: Nov 27
Terra Madre Day: Dec 10
This is the part of the campaign that is essential to raising funds within the Slow Food network.
There are many ways to raise money — through individual donations, company sponsorships,
event income, and so on — and we encourage you to support the work of Slow Food
International during this focused time of fundraising. Slow Food is active in 160 countries
around the world, with many active projects promoting good, clean and fair food. Donations
during the Food for Change campaign are an important contribution to the work throughout the
How to donate
Donations can be received online at by bank transfer.
Don’t forget to collect the names and contact details (particularly email addresses) of everyone
who participates and to stay in touch with them.

How to promote the campaign
Press releases
A press release can help promote the campaign at a local level. To make your communication
more effective, follow the When, How, Who, Where, What list and use brief sentences to describe
each point. The text should be concise and engaging.
Posters and brochures
Use the graphics supplied by Slow Food to create posters and brochures and distribute them in
places where they can be seen by the maximum number of people: schools, community centers,
libraries, markets, shops, etc.
Keep your Slow Food headquarters contact informed so that they can communicate your
initiative with the Slow Food network.
As well as distributing flyers by email, make sure to write to all your contacts, informing them
about your activities. Ask them to forward the communication to all their contacts too.
Social networks
Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can be very effective if they are commonly used
in your community/area. Use hashtag #FoodForChange to connect to others posting about the
You can use these tools to publicize your event, increase the number of participants and spread
your message. Stay in touch with Slow Food International on social media and contribute with
your updates:
• Click “like” on our Facebook page (
• Follow us on Twitter (!/SlowFoodHQ) for live updates during the event and to
tweet with us about Food for Change.
Work with convivia, communities, Presidia and national and regional Slow Food groups.
Available material
Ø Digital Toolkit on Google Drive
Ø Campaign website:
Ø Slow Food International’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts
Ø Slow Food International email newsletter
What are the funds being raised for?
Over 10,000 projects
More than 15,000 producers involved
And Slow Food wants to grow and launch even more projects
Ready to get started?
Join us to work together against climate change
Any questions?
Contact your Slow Food International coordinator or write to
OR: info@slowfooduganda,com