The Fruit and Juice Party Festival is being organized in the framework of promoting Agriculture, nutrition and Fruit growing considering locally grown fruits and Food in Ugandan Schools in the Eastern Uganda, and those interested from central and other parts of the country. This Fruit and Juice Party Festival will have a slightly different component by focusing more on the local Fruits and Vegetables grown in the region across all Uganda cultures and diversity. This will be done by bringing over 45 schools together on the main grounds of Narambai Primary school in Jinja, Jinja central Division Jinja District. This will involve coming together to discuss Gardening in schools and communities and how to bring a gap between the school lunches that is missed in some schools and also Nutrition in schools that get School lunch. There will be a simple meal served to the school children which will be backed up by the Fruits, Juice and Vegetables.
Schools will involve primary and secondary schools plus also school drop outs in the communities who cultivate community and home Gardens.
The Fruit and Juice Party Festival will be implemented in Masaka where Slow Food Uganda is having a number of gardens participating in school and community gardens.
The Fruit and Juice Party Festival is a possibility for assessment of how the Garden Projects in schools in community can be a venture of promoting farming in young people to make strategic future fight for hunger in schools and communities plus also Malnutrion in young people through the nutrition programs of project Discc.
The Fruit and Juice Party Festival’s goal is to promote and facilitate Agriculture production, Nutrition in schools and agro business among young people in school and community. The main target group of the festival are young people from greater Masaka and other parts of Uganda where Slow Food Uganda is active.
The Festival organised by slow Food Uganda in Partner with Developing Innovation in School and Community Cultivation (Project DISCC) with the intention to bring different School gardening participants together in a non-formal way promoting Fruit and vegetable growing, preparation and consumption through a join fest where they will discuss other food related topics and create a garden to share skills of how to start a garden and discussing about Nutrition.