The Ark of Taste is Slow Food’s main project for the identification of food biodiversity at risk of extinction.
This online catalog gathers together thousands of descriptions of the world’s food diversity (plants, animal breeds, fruits and vegetables, but also food products like cheeses, honeys, breads and cured meats), inspiring everyone to rediscover these products, learn about them, take care of them and eat them to save them.

The 10,000 Gardens in Africa project also includes the mapping of the genetic and cultural heritage of African food production. In Uganda, more than 100 Traditional products (plant species and varieties, animal breeds, food products) are being identified, described and catalogued. Traditional recipes are also being gathered and preserved under the Food wise Campaign, through interviews with local women and chefs and the publication of cookbooks.

This mapping work has so far led to the cataloguing of 20 products in the Ark of Taste (5at the end of 2014).