You are probably very hungry or simply elated to eat every time there’s a plate of food in front of you.
Its true plenty of times a meal with all your favorite food looks too good for you to do anything else except eat up, and even faster depending on the person who has prepared the food, say your mother or your new wife.
But what if you took a second, just before you start digging into that plate of fries, matooke with groundnut paste or a simple omelet and asked about how it was prepared, where and how it’s going to supplement your health.
Questions such as those directed to our loved ones who prepare meals for us are not easy but are most definitely necessary to ponder.
Think of the many times you had to eat with your eyes closed, or decided to switch off your taste buds because the chicken  your favorite person prepared had oil oozing out with every bite you took.
Okay you enjoy your food fried, potatoes, rice, chicken, beef, noodles, everything, but I bet you don’t feel too good when you develop a running stomach from such food or if the doctor tells you your life is at risk because your calorie intake, or should I say “poison” is too much!
Food is said by  to be medicine therefore if you eat the average three meals everyday but are  feeling weary plenty of times, have constant headaches, feel bloated after meals or cannot seem to stop being a regular visitor at your doctor’s, its most likely you have had poison inform of food off of your plate plenty of times.
Chances are that the pattern which involves you consuming poison will continue unless you take note of some health pointers below, things your doctor might have mentioned to you as well.


The process that goes to bring food to your plate is a long and often times very elaborate depending on whose cooking. How the food you eat is prepared matters a lot to what the taste, look and even nutritional value will be gained. It is important here to consider which ingredients to use and how much.
Many times even when we prepare food we use gallons of oil with belief that it will be more palatable
Even if you cannot live without fried food, a longer life is guaranteed if you simply asked your favorite cook to reduce the amount of oil they use to make that greasy chicken or if they just steamed those vegetables.
Yes boiled food with the right kind of ingredients too can be very tasty.


How do you keep your food?
We are often too occupied to figure out any other way to store our food except by refrigeration. Not bad maybe for curbing wastage but if the taste of that chicken is not that good after freezing it for a month, shouldn’t you have questions about what dangers it could possibly have to your health?
Do you actually know that you could keep sweet bananas longer just by keeping a plastic bag around the backend of the bunch?


Where is your food prepared?
Truth is the many times you’re not in the kitchen, that cook may be lazy to scrub that dish they used to make you a cup of milk. It wouldn’t hurt anybody if they used the same to fry eggs for you the next day and they serve you on a plate they just wiped off with a filthy table cloth.
 Just so you are certain of the hygiene of the plates on which you are served and pans in which that sumptuous meal is prepared, taken on the job of washing the utensils.
And it makes a merrier home if one cooks and the other takes care of the dishes.

Full diet.

If your plate is full of matooke and beef every single dinner throughout the year just because it’s your favorite dish, you most likely amongst those who have their doctor’s numbers on speed dial.
It important for every time you eat to have your plate full with some carbohydrates, a little proteins, a bit of fiber and vitamins. This means variety of foods from matooke, fish, pumpkin, and beans.
 You more than anybody else have the power over what you eat and because you are by all means going to have to eat something every day, choose to stay away from poison.