Network of members

Slow Food is open to all: the diversity of our members is one of our greatest strengths.

As a grassroots organization, members are invited to play a direct and active role, bringing the Slow Food philosophy to life locally, and helping to change the global food system by becoming part of an international network of like-minded people.

Members are joined in local chapters known as convivia (singular: convivium), autonomous groups that form the building blocks of the association.

Convivia encourage the appreciation of quality and pleasure in daily life by gathering regularly to share the conviviality of meals and local food, building relationships with producers, campaigning to protect traditional foods, organizing tastings and seminars, encouraging chefs to use local foods and promoting taste education in schools. The events and initiatives organized give members a chance to come together and share the passion that binds the entire Slow Food network.

Slow Food membership fees go towards sustaining Slow Food many projects around the world.

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