Together, everyone’s contribution makes it possible to imagine a different world. We are committed to transforming the food system to guarantee GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR food FOR ALL.


Pleasure of Food

The pleasure of sharing food prepared with care from healthy plants and animals builds community.


Educating people about the agricultural systems, cultivation, preparation, and appreciation of food empowers democratic and just change in the food system.


Collaboration among diverse groups of informed producers and consumers creates a resilient, healthy local food community

Community Involvement

We value the passion and creativity of our communities and supporters and encourage participation at all levels of our organization.

In the future that we envision, we are closely linked with the resilient ecosystems around us; everyone respects and promotes diversity of people, cultures, places, foods, and tastes. The food system changes because we change.

Each of us, in our daily activities, already experiences fragments of the world we want: Gardens are platforms for multigenerational learning; communities of producers transform endangered products into economic assets; farmers’ markets bring the urban and rural worlds into contact; awareness campaigns use food to promote important social and environmental issues; gatherings and events bring people of all ages and backgrounds together; kitchens become social spaces of education, reflection and action to rethink our relationship with food. Crucially, we fight hard for joy, justice and policies that defend the multitudes from that minority of people who want to turn happiness and life itself into commodities.

We need to build food systems that are resilient in the face of environmental and social adversities. Given the enormous complexity of global food systems, there is, of course, no single strategy—so we celebrate the great many passions and ideas which individuals and communities enact to make our economies more circular and our world more balanced.

In order to increase our impact and effectiveness we don’t need to limit the scope of our efforts, we just need to act more strategically. Our network’s guiding principle must be to act locally and communicate globally.

We’re more than just a network: we learn day by day to better organize ourselves, creating tangible, reciprocal relationships of trust and respect both among ourselves and in the exchanges with the world around us.

• Fair, short and transparent production and
• Diversity of food cultures distribution chains
•Food sovereignty
•Exchange of intercultural,
•Food security intergenerational, community, and Defense of the commons scientific knowledge
•Agroecology and sustainability
•Rural livelihoods
• Renewable energy in food production
•Urban agriculture
•Family farming
•Social farming
•Community fisheries
•Health and welfare
•Animal welfare
• Climate Change among others
•Local food


Over the last 14 years our network has spread throughout the whole country. Slow Food is present almost everywhere in Uganda. Together, we learn how to navigate between the tyranny of the big and the beauty of the small, two realities that exist side-by-side.
While our systems may appear weak compared to the massive agro-industrial system, we are in fact strong: As crises multiply and intensify, our system survives because it is more resilient. Just ask those who farm, work, educate, cook, and live slowly, with care for the things around them:
They have a better quality of life. Nevertheless, the urgency of our times requires greater trust, concentration, and determination, and obliges us to connect with the wider world via commitments, actions, and projects brought together in pursuit of three important goals: to defend biodiversity, to educate the wider world, and to sustain our efforts and influence the public and private sectors.
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