Slow Food Youth Network Uganda

Following Terra Madre 2008, which for the first time involved youth from all over the planet who wanted to bring about significant changes to the global food system, the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) began to organize events, create bonds and spread Slow Food’s message to a new section of society.

The Slow Food Youth Network unites groups of active young Slow Food members from all over the globe into one international network. The local groups independently create original and engaging events aimed at raising awareness about food issues and providing means to take action. SFYN promotes cooperation between the local groups, facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and campaigns internationally. Thus combining the powers of young food activists from all over the world!

In 2015, thanks to the active participation in the event Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed The Planet held in Milan in October, the SFYN – Uganda has expanded and strengthened considerably, laying the foundations for new projects in the coming years.The SFYN has a great potential for bringing people together, which was amply demonstrated by Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed The Planet, organized together with Slow Food. Feeding the planet is the greatest challenge facing the current generation. With Expo 2015 focused on this specific theme, the world turned to Milan for answers to this challenge. But it makes no sense to discuss how the planet will be fed in the future without the presence of young people and particularly small-scale food producers. With their closeness to the land and practical knowledge, they do much more than produce food. They teach us how to protect seeds, plants, animal breeds, water, soil and the other non-renewable sources of what we eat.

With this picture in mind, a picture made up of thousands of faces, hands, languages and bodies of knowledge, the SFYN and Slow Food set themselves an immense challenge: to bring the discussions on the future of food and farming to those who deserve to be there the most. A packed program involved 2,500 young farmers, fishers, cheese makers, students and chefs from 120 countries over four days of debates, exchanges and thematic workshops. This was a unique occasion to discuss the future of our food, seeking concrete solutions for feeding the planet sustainably while taking into consideration biodiversity protection and the fight against food waste.

Slow Food Youth Network Uganda with Slow Food Uganda are innitiated the first ever Food Academy organised on an annual basis dedicated to young people in Africa and this involves training the young leaders capable of leading the change we want in the food system. The SFYN-Uganda is also conducting the Food wise Campaign that involves comprehensive mapping, sensitization and dissemination information on Local and traditional food products, recipes, Nutritional Value, Utensils, cooking and food preservation Methods that are typical of the African Traditional Society. This is one of the ways of sensitizing Ugandans about the Value of Traditional Food.

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