Terra Madre network

Terra Madre is an international network of food communities – groups of small-scale producers and others united by the production of a particular food and closely linked to a geographic area.

The network unites food producers, fishers, breeders, chefs, academics, young people, NGOs and representatives of local communities who are working to establish a system of good, clean and fair food from the grassroots level.

The Terra Madre network was launched by Slow Food in 2004 to give a voice and visibility to those around the world whose approach to food production protects the environment and communities. The first world meeting of Terra Madre food communities, held in Italy, brought together 5,000 producers from 130 countries. Since 2004, the network has come together every two years at the global meeting, while national and regional meetings are regularly organized around the world.

National and regional Terra Madre meetings have been organized in many countries including Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, The Netherlands, the Balkans, Tanzania, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Armenia. 

The first Indigenous Terra Madre meeting was held in Sweden in 2011, bringing together representatives of indigenous peoples. The next meeting will take place in India in 2015.

Visit the website for more information, to find food communities in your region, or find out about upcoming events:http://www.terramadre.org

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