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Slow Food Uganda works nationally in 48 districts of the country through local food communities, 310 school and community gardens planted and grown in a sustainable way,  6 Presidia that protect producers with their local and traditional products at risk of extinction, 3 Earth Markets,  17 members of the  Chefs Alliance and 32 regional coordinators.

From simple shared meals and tastings, to visits to local producers and farms, conferences and discussions, film screenings/festivals and much much more. Check out our Convivia in Uganda: http://www.slowfood.com/nazioni-condotte/uganda/

After a few years of growth, the network has by now become deeply rooted in Central Uganda, laid new strategies in western Uganda, and developed a strong, credible presence in North and Eastern Uganda. In some parts of the country the membership network is stronger and more solid; in others the network of Terra Madre food communities and the projects (like the 10,000 Gardens in Africa, Presidia, etc.) are more consolidated.

Given the socio-economic state of Uganda over the past few years, Slow Food’s mission—to guarantee access to food that is good, fair, and clean—is more topical and urgent than ever before.


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