With the increasing dominance of the global food system centred on industrially processed foods, the sovereignty and pride of our traditional and indigenous food that signifies our identity is being destroyed.

As a way of rediscovering and restoring our food heritage, Slow Food Uganda is launching a campaign “My Food My Identity”. The campaign invites all stakeholders and food lovers to join hands to see that Uganda’s identity comes back to life.


The My Food My Identity campaign invites all the Slow Food Uganda Communities, Slow Food Youth Network Uganda, school and community gardens, producers, and individuals to bring back the forgotten and endangered food on the table.

The campaign is to expose to the rural and urban communities the significance of indigenous food and knowledge in ensuring food sovereignty, enhancement of cultural heritage and the potential to rejuvenate food systems.


What food indicates your identity?

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Take a photo of you and your favourite traditional/indigenous food and share with us HERE.

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