The youth form the largest proportion of the population in Uganda at 77% and are thus the right target to engage for realizing a transition towards sustainable food systems. Of the total population engaged in agriculture in Uganda, 77% is composed of women while the youth constitute 63% (NDPII, 2015/16-2019/20). This calls for more innovations on how youth can be more engaged in agroecology for sustainable food production with more socio-economic benefits and with less damage to the environment. Those who are currently in agriculture should be encouraged and honored so that others will take interest in it.

Youth unemployment and rural-urban migration in Uganda can be reduced by empowering and supporting the youths who are dedicating their time to agroecological practices at the same time promoting a sustainable food system.
It is against the above background that Slow Food Uganda is calling for ideas on projects to identify, inspire, motivate and support members of the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) Uganda engaged in Agroecology.

The projects must tackle one of the following themes:
● Agroecology inputs
● Agroecology value added product development and marketing
● Appropriate technology and Agroecology farm equipment

Prizes and incentives
Successful projects will receive financial support of 1000 USD as well as technical support from Slow Food Uganda. The selected ideas will be presented in the Slow Food Uganda Agroecology Learning Exchange and the winners will be announced later.

Who can participate
For eligibility, the participants and their projects must meet the following criteria:

● The project must be designed, led and implemented by youths between the Age of 18 to 35;
● Individuals are welcome but groups or teams are more encouraged;
● Individuals and groups should be part of Slow Food Youth Network Uganda or members of a registered Slow Food community in Uganda.

How to apply

Download the proposal template HERE and follow the following steps:

1. Prepare a short presentation video of the project strictly in English (Max. 2 to 3 minutes) and one paragraph text which must clearly state the three main points of your project as indicated below:
● What is the problem you are addressing? What is the chosen community?
● What is the solution you propose? What is the title of the project? Does the problem seem significant and could the solution bring about real change? What are the objectives of the project?
● What impact are you creating and for whom? How is the project impacting vulnerable population at the local level?
2. Send us your video or text on whatsapp at +256777535575 or by email at Please include your name, age, Slow Food community/group and place of residence in your message.

The call is open until 15th February 2023

Selection criteria
A Jury will examine the project ideas which will be evaluated and scored according to a scoring grid based on the following elements:
● Pertinence (25%)
● Youth Inclusion, Gender and Leadership (10%)
● Impacts (20%)
● Innovation (10%)
● Feasibility (15%)
● Durability (10%)
● Sustainability (10%)
For more information
For any further information, please contact
+256777535575 / +256200906662